Monique Jansen Art

As a painter 

As a painter I work in layers. I add, I take away, I add again. I may add again. Or take away.

I usually work on more than one painting at a time. There is always a layer that needs drying, a painting that needs some time or I might want to go back to a painting I thought was finished. It's an ongoing process- a process I love.

I paint with metallic paints. Gold, silver, copper. I use luminous crayons. And I use blue. Lots of blue.

My paintings have layers of color. Some layers might shine, reflect or catch the light in a certain way. Because of the material, some paintings look different from every angle. It is difficult to catch them in a photograph.

A lot of my work is abstract. I call it 'Rainy days' as most of paintings were inspired by photos I took during or after heavy rain.

The work called 'Before the rain' ist mostly realistic or different in color.

If you would like to see my paintings, drop me an email and we can set up a visit to my atelier. Or visit one of my exhibitions.

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