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Photography classes 

Photography classes

Make the most of your camera


You have had your camera for a while or maybe it is brand-new. You know you can take great photos with it and so far the automatic mode has proven useful. But what a shame about all the other possibilities this camera has that you are not making use of!

In a two-hour private or small group session we will have a look at your camera together and all the possibilities it offers for great photos. Your personal wishes will be taken into account- would you like tips for landscape or more for portrait photography? Or would you like an overall run-through of the camera? Just let me know and we will set up a session when it suits you. 

Take better photos (with any kind of camera)


You enjoy taking photos. Maybe you have a nice camera or you are a whizz with the camera on your phone. But you feel that your photos lack a certain something, or they are just a bit bland, or you feel there is room for improvement. 

In a two-hour session we will look at your photos and discuss what you could do to improve them. This could be anything from lighting, composition, different angles, or maybe some post-editing could do wonders. You will leave the session with some new skills and ideas.

Photo organisation and/or editing: Adobe Lightroom

Your computer is full of photo folders but you can never find the photo you are looking for? Adobe Lightroom is a great solution, it provides a database and a ton of tools for organising your photos. On top of that, it has great editing tools to make your photos look better and catchier with very intuitive and easy to use tools. If need be, we can take an excursion into Photoshop for advanced editing. 


The sessions can be planned on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evening. 


One person: 150 CHF per session

Two people: 200 CHF per session

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